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How to configure your PPTP VPN on ipad

How to configure your PPTP VPN on ipad

Configuring the PPTP connection on ipad is very simple and straightforward since ipad supports PPTP connections by default so you dont have to install any other additional software.

First you need to open your "Settings" page then navigate to the "General" tab and select "Add VPN Configuration" like in the picture

On the "Add VPN Configuration" page that you just opened select the "PPTP" tab and enter the configuration details as follows:

  • Description: Any description you want to give to this new connection
  • Server: The ip address of your vpn (the one you are connecting to)
  • Account: The PPTP username of your VPN
  • RSA SecureID: OFF
  • Password: The PPTP password of your VPN
  • Encryption level: Auto
  • Send all traffic: On

Once everything set you must save the new configuration and connecto to your VPN.

If it fails to start it's not a bad idea to restart your ipad and retry the vpn connecton after that.

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