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How to configure pptp VPN connection on windows vista/7

How to configure pptp VPN connection on windows vista/7

Installing and using the pptp connection on windows vista/7 is very simple since almost any operating system supports pptp connections by default which means you dont have to install any software for the connection to work. It's just a matter of tweaking some settings in the networking area and you should be ready to start using your new vpn connection.

To start please open your "Network and Sharing Center from Control Panel" then click on "Setup a new connection or network"

In the next frame click on "Connect to a workplace" which will alow you to setup a new VPN connection

On the next frame chose "Use my internet connection (VPN)" which will lead you to the page where you must enter your credentials in order to authenticate to the vpn server.

On the next frame enter your VPN ip address in the "Internet address" field and any name you wish in the "Destination name" field. This field is just used so you can better identify and switch between multiple vpn connections.

Hit next and enter the credentials in order to authenticate to the VPN server. If you don't know them just authenticate to our main page, navigate to "My VPNs" and copy them from the VPNs list you have on that page.

Just hit "Create" and "Connect now", the VPN connection should open after 5-10 seconds.

To disable the connection go to your bottom right area of the taskbar and click on the networking icon which will open up a small popup with your connections. Click on the vpn connection name and "Disconnect"

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