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How to install and configure the OpenVPN software?

How to install and configure the OpenVPN software?

Installing and configuring the VPN software is very simple and straightforward. You can watch our Youtube video presentation or continue reading this small tutorial. 

Downloading the VPN client software

The first step you must do is to download the VPN software provided by OpenVPN and install it to your program files. It is very important that you download the version that we provide here because it's compiled for our special needs. The official version from OpenVPN website will not authenticate.

Note to windows 7 users:

To install the client VPN software on windows 7 you must right click on the .exe file that you just downloaded (before installing!), select Properties and change it's compatibility to Windows XP with the highest service pack they let you select.

Note to windows 7 and Vista users

The newly installed software must be run as administrator. In order to do that you must right click on the icon from the desktop and select "Run as administrator"

Configuring the VPN software

Once OpenVPN installed you must go to My account > My VPNs and click on "Download all config files". You will be prompted to download a zip file which contains your VPN configuration files for all VPNs that you purchased.

The zip file contents must be extracted to your config folder inside OpenVPN's installation directory, usually located at C:/Program Files/OpenVPN/config.

Once the contents extracted you can start OpenVPN by double clicking on the icon located on your desktop. A tray icon will appear on the lower right of your windows bar. Right click on it and select the VPN you wish to connect to.

If the connection fails

In case the connection returns with a failed message please double check that your TAP network connection is enabled. You can do that by browsing to your network connections and right click on the TAP connection and select enable. Retry the VPN connection, everything should be ok now and the connection will start working.

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